Monday, April 27, 2009


After a month of nesting, our little Fern finally welcomed thirteen little ducklings to the world on Tuesday, April 21st. The kids just loved them and watched them as they marched around our yard. Evie was "quack-ing" all day long.

Fern jumped down right here and you can tell that the ducklings are trying to figure out how to get down to her. So cute!

And they went for it! Look closely and you can see one in mid-air. :)

They were only there for one day before they headed out to the pond nearby, but I'm sure we'll see them next year.

Monday, April 6, 2009

18 months

*I turned 18 months on April 2nd

*I weigh 20 lb. and I'm 32 inches tall. (The doctor said to start putting butter on all my food) :)

*I start nursery next week! (So mom and dad can actually go to YW's and YM's every week)

*I love Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse :)

*I am a daredevil and love to do things like climbing on tables, going down slides head first and jumping up and down on the seat of my brother's trike.

*I am very sweet and loving and give lots of kisses to my mom, dad, brother and baby dolls.

*My new favorite thing: Putting both arms around mom or dad's neck and puckering up for long kisses.

*I can say Please, Thank you, all done, Jesus, ball, ouch, brush teeth, Dora, doggie, Gramma, Grampa, more, baby, and a variety of animal sounds.

*I can give high-fives and thumbs up. :)

*I love to be outside and get into all kinds of mischief like bathe in mud, eat rocks, and rub sand and dirt in my hair.

Love always,