Thursday, June 18, 2009

dear friends and family

First, let me say how excited we are to be expecting our third baby, and how grateful I am that I don't get morning sickness. What a blessing! However, the level of fatigue and exhaustion is really off the charts this time. My blood test results show that my red blood count is the lowest it's ever been, and I have been anemic for a few years now so that is pretty low. And then there's the Evelyn factor and we won't even go there. :)

I'm telling you all this for three reasons:

1. So you will forgive my absent-mindedness.
2. So you will feel a little bit sorry for me.
3. So you will not call CPS on me when my children are running wild, naked and unattended all over the neighborhood. Okay, maybe just the house and yard.

My memory has gotten so bad that I have to write things down within about 10 minutes or I will forget them. So basically, my brain is on vacation right now. My goal is to return to a normal, functioning life by late July (end of the first trimester).

See you then,


p.s. The official due date is January 23rd (my father-in-law's birthday). And Yes, I specifically planned it this way, as well as Evie being born on my mother-in-law's birthday so that they will have no choice but to love us more than their other kids.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On May 29th, Jason came home from work and said "Let's go on a road trip." Where to, I asked? "Disneyland." Sounds good. We were packed and on the road within an hour. We got there at midnight, and of course the kids got a sudden burst of excited energy and had to jump on the beds before they went to sleep at the hotel.

By 9:00 the next morning we were on our way to the park! (Okay, side note: we were supposed to be getting a hotel just down the street from the park. Well, yes, it was...but on the back side, where you walk for like a mile on Disneyland property before you even reach the ticket counters. Ahhh!)

They really have no idea where they're about to go, do they.

We made it! Hurray! Pregnant body + miles of walking = aching hips, blistered feet and feeling way over-excited about being at the front of the park. :)

One of Dallin's favorites, the Jungle Cruise. :)

Next on his list: the Haunted Mansion. Which he said was "just a 'yil too scary"

Dallin was just barely tall enough to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad, so he got to go with Dad. This ended up being his favorite ride.

...though Evie wasn't too thrilled that her Dad was gone. She was VERY attached to him the whole trip and would hardly let me hold her. (Which was probably a good thing since I almost collapsed just from walking to the park.)

Still waiting for Dad. Feeling very uneasy.

D and E at Toon Town

One of the longest lines we waited in folks, and no I'm not kidding.

So long that Evelyn fell asleep on Jason's head..

..but woke up just in time to meet Mickey and grab his nose. (Dallin is not in the picture because he ended up being scared to get too close. On the other hand, Evie practically mauled Mickey..)

It's a small world

Dallin and I, right after climbing Tarzan's treehouse. Um, as if walking 5 miles to get to the park wasn't enough of a workout..this treehouse absolutely killed my thighs. Don't be fooled by my smile, I was winded. Jason estimated that we ended up walking well over 10 miles that day.

The kids loved it, we loved it. Spontaneous road trips are the best vacations ever. Hopefully we will see you again soon Disneyland. :)