Friday, December 12, 2008

future NRA members

Well, what started as the family having some friendly block-building time soon turned to all-out war. You see, we have a boy in our family. We also have a three year old son. :) And anyone else who has little boys can probably relate when I tell you that there is constant gunfire going off in our house. I'm sure you can imagine the first thing that was built out of blocks. Evie and I couldn't help but join in, and I couldn't resist getting some pictures. Dallin made a pretty nice gun all by himself, and we found out that Evie makes the best machine gun noise that we've ever heard. Seriously. Then Jason went straight 'sniper' on us (see fourth picture) and hunted us down one by one. (Did my husband really just build an M-16 out of Duplo blocks?) After we all 'died', we had some yummy See's candy for dessert.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

The following is a conversation that happened in the car today on the way to Grandma and Grandpa Nartker's house:

Evie: (babbling)

Dallin: Shhhhhh!

Evie: (continues to talk and babble)

Dallin: Shhhhh! Listen to the music!

Evie: No!

Dallin: Be quiet Evie.

Evie: (giggles)

Dallin: Shhhhhh!

20 seconds later....

Evie: Moo! (her new favorite sound)

Dallin: I am not a cow!

Evie: Mooooo!

Dallin: Mom! Tell Evie I'm not a cow!

After laughing hysterically to myself, this is where I finally stepped in and reassured Dallin that he was, in fact, a boy and not a cow, but that Evie was just making fun sounds and he should ignore her. I love being a mom.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aunt Blossom & Uncle DeLorne's

Dallin had so much fun at Rose and Josh's, he was constantly running around their house, playing with NEW toys, dancing to music, and jumping off couches with his cousin Wes. I had to post a few of the boys jumping from couch to couch.

And what would a weekend away in Utah be without some funny lines from Dallin?

-At one of the rest stops in Nevada, Jason took Dallin to the bathroom. While they were in the stall, another guy came in and as he was leaving, Dallin said (very loudly) "Dad, why didn't that man wash his hands?!"

And here's one for Rose and Josh:

-Dallin had loved dancing to music at Rose and Josh's house all weekend (they usually had a playlist going all day long). I didn't realize how much he enjoyed it until we got home on Sunday and I overheard Dallin chanting "Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer.." over and over and over while he was dancing around the house. :)

Thanksgiving in Utah

We decided to make the trip out to Utah for Thanksgiving this year and we are so glad we did. Rose and Josh were more than kind to let us stay at their place and pretty much take over their house. We owe you guys for letting Evie sleep in Grace's crib...even when she was pulling Grace's hair all weekend! We had Thanksgiving dinner at John and Jenilyn's house, and we all thought it was the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner in Mixa history.

Some other things we did that weekend:

Went bowling with crying babies (we didn't use the babies to bowl with, they were just there, and they were crying), Cafe Rio, some Black Friday shopping, my cousin Chris's Eagle court of honor, dessert at Grandma and Grandpa Van's condo, Mabel's baby blessing, played Wacky 6, went to see Savior of the World at the conference center (awesome!), visited the biggest Dinosaur Museum in the world (I possibly loved it more than my kids), Mixa girls lunch at P.F. Changs, went up to campus at the Y, the three J's (Jason, Josh, John) went back to the bowling alley late at night and each bowled 5 games in their own lane (that's a little intense), Jason and I met up with one of his mission buddies, Matt Flanders and his wife Gina, for a late dinner in Salt Lake (which was so fun!), went to visit Brandon and Hillary and introduced Dallin to Dylan (and later when Dallin told me he wanted a baby brother next, I asked him what he wanted to name him...he of course, said Dylan), watched movies, stayed up late talking, laughing, playing games, etc.

The Mixa family after Mabel's blessing

Grace taking her first steps!

Cari and Alec getting baby hungry

Me and my sweet niece Mabel

Jason and Dallin at the blessing