Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas lesson

So Dallin walked up to me today and asked for some tape and wrapping paper so he could give his toy train to his Aunt Beth for Christmas. I told him he should keep his train because it's his, and that Beth would want him to keep it.

His response: (very sweetly) "But Christmas is about giving. And I really want to give this to Beth because I love her."

So we wrapped up his toy train and it is now under the tree (Beth, act surprised). How could I say No after that?

It was a great reminder to me that 1) Kids pick up on a lot more than we probably think, and 2) Christmas really is about giving (what a concept!) Really though, I hadn't taken the time yet this season to remember that the gifts we give are really representative of the gifts that the wise men brought to the baby Jesus that night in the stable. They also remind us of the greatest gift that was ever given to mankind, and that was the gift of the atonement by the Savior himself. How blessed we are for that gift.
At church, the Young Women and their leaders made a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon in a 6 month period, ending in February. I have loved taking on this challenge and I have specifically noticed that the Book of Mormon is full of references to the Savior, and prophets foretelling His coming. If I had to summarize the Book of Mormon into one phrase, I would say that it truly testifies of Jesus Christ, His coming to earth, His divinity, and His great love for us all.
I love the Savior so much and I am grateful that He sacrificed His life and suffered for me so that I might have the chance to return to our Father in Heaven. I'm also grateful that my 4 year old son picked up on the true meaning of Christmas and reminded me that it's about giving, just as the Savior gave everything for us.

I love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!