Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aunt Blossom & Uncle DeLorne's

Dallin had so much fun at Rose and Josh's, he was constantly running around their house, playing with NEW toys, dancing to music, and jumping off couches with his cousin Wes. I had to post a few of the boys jumping from couch to couch.

And what would a weekend away in Utah be without some funny lines from Dallin?

-At one of the rest stops in Nevada, Jason took Dallin to the bathroom. While they were in the stall, another guy came in and as he was leaving, Dallin said (very loudly) "Dad, why didn't that man wash his hands?!"

And here's one for Rose and Josh:

-Dallin had loved dancing to music at Rose and Josh's house all weekend (they usually had a playlist going all day long). I didn't realize how much he enjoyed it until we got home on Sunday and I overheard Dallin chanting "Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer.." over and over and over while he was dancing around the house. :)


Jenilyn said...


The Naven Family said...

I love Dallin quotes!!!

collette crew said...

It was SO fun to see you! I am so glad you guys stopped by. I know Rose had so much fun with you guys here too. come again- soon! you have such cute kids and a sweet family... thank heaven for blogs so we can stay connected.

Robbins said...

The last part of that post made me crack up! I guess you can count your blessings you weren't watching the music videos, right? I can't wait to hear my lil man say funny things like this.

Jen said...

THAT IS KAYSON'S FAV SONG!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! Our kids were MEANT to be cousins =).