Thursday, June 18, 2009

dear friends and family

First, let me say how excited we are to be expecting our third baby, and how grateful I am that I don't get morning sickness. What a blessing! However, the level of fatigue and exhaustion is really off the charts this time. My blood test results show that my red blood count is the lowest it's ever been, and I have been anemic for a few years now so that is pretty low. And then there's the Evelyn factor and we won't even go there. :)

I'm telling you all this for three reasons:

1. So you will forgive my absent-mindedness.
2. So you will feel a little bit sorry for me.
3. So you will not call CPS on me when my children are running wild, naked and unattended all over the neighborhood. Okay, maybe just the house and yard.

My memory has gotten so bad that I have to write things down within about 10 minutes or I will forget them. So basically, my brain is on vacation right now. My goal is to return to a normal, functioning life by late July (end of the first trimester).

See you then,


p.s. The official due date is January 23rd (my father-in-law's birthday). And Yes, I specifically planned it this way, as well as Evie being born on my mother-in-law's birthday so that they will have no choice but to love us more than their other kids.


JD said...

Jan 22 is a good day, too. Considering you don't have a lot of control, I won't hold it against you if it turns out to be different.

Hope you feel better! I'm sorry you're not doing so hot.

Dianna said...

Hey neighbor! Be thinking of a night next week you don't want to make dinner. I'll take care of that. I'll give you a deserve a break from something! :-)


I love this letter! I would have to agree that it is totally ok to advertise for sympathy! This makes me miss you! We need to hang out!