Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun Project

Yesterday was one of those 'guilty mom' days where I felt bad for my kids because I don't do enough fun/creative activities with them. Some days I barely have enough energy to get them dressed and fed. So yesterday I remembered a book that my mom gave me with creative things for kids to do. So while Dallin was still taking his nap, I excitedly gathered up all my supplies to make a piggy bank. I found a can and cut a hole in the lid for the coins. Then I got crayons, paper, scissors, stickers and tape. When Dallin came downstairs and saw my little set-up he was soooo excited. Even though he kept trying to put the stickers on his hands and not the can, he did a great job and had some fun too. (I must admit, I had to try hard not to fix the stickers as he was putting them sideways, on top of each other and hanging off the edges. I reminded myself that this was HIS project :) I also cut out his picture and put it on there, along with the year. Anyway, the idea was that this could be his mission fund. Oh, and a shout out to Evie, who played on the floor and practiced crawling during our project.


The Atwaters said...

Practiced crawling??? Ugh. My son is a lardo I guess. He STILL is just barely scooting around the room because of a roll here and there. But he sure thinks he can pull himself up to standing position and is constantly trying. It's funny since he can't even support himself standing up. Very cute project! I'm sure he LOVED his mommy time!

JD said...

Nice project. You'll be able to start charging him rent soon.