Friday, June 27, 2008

...more from Dallin

Dallin was helping me do the dishes and said, "Mama, say 'Dallin, you're such a good helper!'" So I said, "Dallin, you are such a good helper, thank you!" Dallin: "Good job mama."

I gave D some raisins for a snack and then left the room. From the kitchen I hear: "Hey you raisins, come to Papa!"

Once again, from the other room I hear Dallin tell me there's a little bug in the sink. Five seconds later, I hear: "Don't be shy...come on...come on...{whack! whack! whack!}"


Justin said...

That is so awesome. I need to get Erin to start keeping track of Noah and the funny things he says. We had a blast with Jason and Dallin out golfing... Dallin did great!!

Jason said...

That is too funny.

The Collettes said...

MEL!!! These are so funny! I think i check your blog like 2x a day to see you guys and be updated on what you are up to. AND because your posts are always so funny! The duck story was one of my favorites.

Keep posting! And i want to see Evie's new shoes = )

Ashley said...

Seriously hilarious!

The Atwaters said...

Your lil boy is so funny. I wish I got to hear him say things like that in nursery!