Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Uncle Alec's friend

On September 11th, Cari and Alec came over for lunch to celebrate Cari's birthday. We had La Bou, which is one of Cari's favorites. When Alec got there he had a little friend with him that he picked up on the ride over (he rides his bike everywhere). Apparently, Alec likes to stop suddenly in the street to pick up unsuspecting lizards. :) Dallin absolutely loved the little guy (who was lame and couldn't run away), and Alec taught him that we should always put little animals back after we catch them so they can go home. I'm sure Dallin will learn lots of good stuff from his Uncle. What a fun day, happy late birthday Cari!!

p.s. Dallin's face is all splotchy because he was crying right before they came over, though I don't remember why.


Dayna Jamison said...

That makes me laugh! Alec has always been the critter discoverer. I guess he always will be. Dallin is so handsome. What a cutie pie. This makes me miss Folsom even more!