Friday, September 18, 2009

Mixa Reunion

My parents had their 30th anniversary this past June so me and my sisters all pitched in and surprised them with the first ever 'Dave Mixa family reunion'. Since my sisters were all in D.C. this summer and couldn't be there to celebrate, we told my parents we would take them to Monterey/Carmel in September when everyone could be there. We rented a big house in Seaside and spent the weekend together, including Cari's 21st Birthday on Friday. I wish I had taken pictures of the house, it was so much fun! Unfortunately, I only remembered to get my camera out two times the whole trip so there is a lot I missed. Some of the things we did:

-lunch at Kinder's in Walnut Creek (mmm, so good!)
-Cari's birthday dinner on Cannery Row with dessert at Ghirardelli
-all kinds of shopping for the girls
-surfing/boogie boarding for all the guys in Monterey
-Sacrament meeting in Monterey where we took up an entire row
-17 mile drive on Highway 1
-and of course, the BYU football game on the big-screen :)

Here we are at the beach in Monterey. Dallin spent several hours with his Dad digging in the sand, making sandcastles with Alec and just playing in the sand. Jason tried surfing for the first time and had a lot of fun. All the girls showed up later and Evie was in heaven. This was her first time at the ocean, sad I know, but she absolutely loved it.