Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas morning at the Mixa's

We had so much fun together Christmas morning, and the best part was that we were all there.

Here's Dad holding his prized BYU football signed by the team (thank you to Casey Tanner for doing all the work!). It's even better since BYU's amazing victory at the Las Vegas Bowl.

John and Jenilyn

Here we snuck over to the Nartker's for a few hours and Dallin received a John Deere lawnmower from grandma and grandpa- he played with that thing all day!

Dallin's other favorite toy, a truck from Aunt Cari

Evie being festive

Josh and Rose (Josh is obviously very excited about Christmas :) and Rose was such a good sport all week- for being 36 weeks pregnant she was not a complainer)

Beth and Cari

My boys!

Wes was so cute, he got so excited about that Ernie doll!