Monday, December 31, 2007

A Christmas to Remember

We had such an amazing Christmas this year! It was so good to be with family and friends to celebrate the Savior's birth, and we are so grateful to everybody for the gifts that we received. We didn't take pictures of everything we got but here are two presents Jason and I received that were very special.

These beautiful pictures were given to us by Jenilyn and John, and I just about died when I opened them. For a long time, Jason and I (me especially) have been looking for the perfect pictures to hang above our bed. I had a good idea of what I wanted and was describing it to my sister Jenilyn one day. Well, she remembered and she and John found these and framed them (after some phone calls to Jason to ask a few questions), and drove them here all the way from Utah. I love them!

And speaking of presents that made their way here from Utah...this one caught me so off guard on Christmas morning that I just started bawling! Mom and Dad gave us this beautiful Simon Dewey painting called 'Living Water'. My sister Rose had been shopping one day at Costco in Orem and there was Simon Dewey, with a bunch of his paintings. She called my Dad, who picked this one for us, and had it signed. I love this story in the scriptures too, so it was a very meaningful gift. Thanks mom and dad!

The flower pictures will hang just above our bed, and the Simon Dewey picture will probably go near the bottom of our stairs.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas this year!!


Jen said...

What amazing gifts!!!!! They are just so beautiful and your room looks soooooo good!!!!!! Your bed looks like the one we have two...let's just face it, great minds think alike =). I am so glad that you guys had such a great Christmas. Can't wait to see you this summer!!!!!

John & Jenilyn said...

I love all your update pictures. It was so fun to be together for christmas. that picture of wes with ernie is funny.

The Collettes said...

I just love all the pictures you just posted! they look great! We miss you guys and so good to see you.

Love you, Rose

Jenna Tanner said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see them up in your house when we move!! : )