Friday, May 22, 2009


The kids have been taking gymnastics and this week they had an Island Show where they performed for family. Evie got to have Aunt Cari as her coach this year and Dallin had Mr. Andrew. They love coming to gymnastics every week but we are all going to miss Cari this summer!


Jenilyn said...

Oh my gosh! Evie is gorgeous! I can't believe you can fit her hair in a ponytail, it is soooo cute. I think Maes hair will have the same kind of curl but hers isnt growing at all yet.

Rose said...

ummmmmm I want to eat her up!! Look at that TINY TINY girl. And I love her square Nartker feet!! LOVE THEM!!
Her pony is too cute!

Dallin is looking VERY comfy on the tramp!

Jen said...

I want to pinch that cute little tush!!!!!! =) She's going to run when she meets Auntie Jenni isn't she????