Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jason's 1/2 marathon

I was so proud of my husband today! He ran a half marathon (which I think is 13 miles). It started at 8:15 and me, Rachel and Grandma Reynolds were there to cheer him on. He did great and finished with a good time. This was good preparation for the marathon he will be running in November!

I look so tired, but we did get up really early to drive out to the race.

Jason's sister Rachel (we were the cheerleaders) :)

Jason and his friend Jake are stretching and getting ready

And they're off! At this point it went from sprinkling to pouring rain.

Here he is just past the halfway point. Rachel and I drove down to see him here (and Rachel sort of baton-passed him a Cliff Bar...she did great :)...and then we hopped back in the car and drove back to the Finish line.

And here he is at the finish line! We were cheering like crazy, of course.

We were so proud!!

And a HUGE 'Thank You!' to my kind, wonderful Mother-in-law who stayed behind to watch our kids.


JD said...


Jenilyn said...

Way to go Jason, we will be cheering you on in November!

..Kris Naven.. said...

So cool! I wish we could have seen you there! Me and my sis and the boys came to watch Jake at the finish line! They did great, and what an acoomplishment! I can't wait for the marathon in November! It will be fun! Great job Jason! :)

Josh and Rach said...

That a boy Jason! Not much of a runner anymore, but then again, I never had your dedication!

Marc and Stacy said...

Congrats to Jason! I actually ran the same half marathon-just a bit of a ways behind him. Funny thing-when we made the turn around I looked down on the track to the people ahead of me that had already made the turn around and I saw Jason running. He made great time! Good luck on the Marathon! I don't think I'm to that point yet-maybe someday! :)
Melody-you are gorgeous-you don't even need make up. Wish I looked like that in the morning!

Tiffany said...

Wow! Maybe someday but wow! 13 miles??? I can barly run 3 before calling it quits.

Jen said...

Go baby brother!!!!!