Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Dallin and Evie with their Easter baskets

For those of you who always wondered what Jason would look like in a dress:

The twins

Easter outfits

Dinner table at the Mixa's


Ashley said...

Evie looks SO cute! I love her little dress and headband!

John & Jenilyn said...

Oh I wish we could have stayed for easter dinner, that would have been fun. It looks like you guys had a fun easter morning!

Jared and Lindsey said...

What a cute little family you have! I just love you children. They are soo cute. Evie looks beautiful in her little dress! Hope you guys had a good Easter.

Rose said...

I miss home and all of you already! The "twins" really do look like twins.

Dayna Jamison said...

Melody! I finally found your blog. Cari told me how cute it is, and she was right! I love all your fun pics. You guys are such a great family. Hopefully we'll be related soon!! :)

Suzann said...

I about fell off my chair laughing at the idea of Jason in that darling little dress and head band. Great pictures!!! love ya