Friday, March 28, 2008

My sweet Dallin

Today (and pretty much this whole week) I have been a little stressed and tired because Evelyn has been crying constantly and waking up in the middle of the night again. But my Dallin never ceases to keep a smile on my face. Here is a conversation that we had today while Dallin was at the kitchen table:

I walk in the room visibly stressed about Evie.

Dallin: looks at me for about 5 seconds and says, "Hi!"
Me: (distracted) "Hi"
Dallin: (still looking right at me) "How are you?"
Me: "I'm good."
Dallin: (still looking) "Are you happy?"
Me: At this point I realize that he is really concerned about me so I smile and say "Yes, I'm happy" and give him a big hug.
Dallin: pats my back and with a huge grin says, "Hot mama!", which is something that his Dad taught him to say and that he knows will make me laugh :)

I thought it was sweet that he was trying so hard to cheer me up. Dallin is definitely the 'Rose' of our family. (When we were growing up my sister Rose was always asking my mom if she was happy or sad, and was always so sensitive to other people's feelings). I am so grateful for my children!


JD said...

props to papa nartker for getting the kid to say "sure win" phrases to mom.

he knows how to listen to women and sympathize with them already!

Justin said...

That is awesome... J, good job... Nothing like a sympathetic 2 1/2 year old to brighten your day.

Jenna Tanner said...

He is such an adorable kid! That is the cutest story!

John & Jenilyn said...

that is so funny, he cracks me up. It seems like he has been picking up a lot of Jason's phrases.

The Naven Family said...

That is too funny! Don't they say the sweetest, funniest things sometimes?! I love it! And when I get a chance too, I'll work on that tag! Take care, and just remember this when you are having a bad day! Love you!

Love Always,

collette crew said...

I love this sweet story. these sweet little people with these sweet little personalities. I hope you are doing so great. have a good week.

Jen said...

I love you and your family. I am so glad that we are sisters and will forever be able to keep in touch and help one another out. Call me whenever you need me and know that I am thinking of you and your cute smooshies. All my love, Jen.

Melissa said...

What a sweet story! We are so lucky to have Rose in our family too. she is one of the most easy-going, cheerful people I have ever been around. Also, I want to invite you to my blog, will you send me your email to me at

Suzann said...

And what a darling YOU are to let this sweet love from Dallin pull you out of your mood. That's a wonderful choice you made. You're the best!!!

Shauna said...

that is sweet.

and Rose is still totally like that, not just to her mom but to everyone. Which makes me kind of feel bad about myself when people are being negative i usually just make the debbie downer noise in their face...whoops, i guess im kind of a brat.